Private Line: T3/DS3

Enhance Network Performance while Improving Your Bottom Line

Is your telecommunication service supporting all of your business operations and user demands as efficiently as possible? CenturyLink T3 Line and DS3 Line Service brings you affordable high-speed digital transport with point-to-point, high-capacity PLTS you can depend on to support mission-critical business functions and applications allowing you to cut cost and improve response time. And because transmission is digital from end to end, the signal is clean and pure–free of cross talk, amplified noise, and distortion. Bottom line, CenturyLink Private T3 Line and DS3 Line Service offer more reliability, more flexibility, and ultimately more productivity for your business.

CenturyLink Private T3 Line and DS3 Line Service Features

  • Electrical interface for single T3/DS3 applications
  • Central office multiplexing provides 28 T1/DS1 circuits
  • Self-Healing Alternate Route Protection for the local loop
  • SHARP Plus for interoffice portion of circuit
  • Command-a-Link provides circuit reconfiguration.
  • Isochronous serial data transmission at 44.736 Mbps

Benefits of CenturyLink Private T3 Line and DS3 Line Service

  • Reliably transports high traffic volumes between locations
  • Economically optimizes your network as you configure end-user services
  • Provides cost savings by aggregating lower-speed T1/DS1 services
  • Ensures greater accuracy and system availability to 99.83 percent
  • Integrates voice, video, and data applications in a single solution
  • Supports business applications requiring high bandwidth and fiber-optic reliability
  • Provides the capacity you currently need and accommodates future demands
  • Comes with a service guarantee for provisioning and repair

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