5 Strategies to Successfully Modernize Your Voice Systems

Voice communications are undergoing a profound shift, with many organizations replacing legacy telephony services and technology with Voice over IP (VoIP) and Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) based voice services. This also sets the stage to implement integrated Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) tools and applications. Drivers of change include cost advantages, greater business agility, new mobile styles of working, and administrative simplicity from merging voice and data networks.

Introducing VoIP and UC&C is not without its challenges. To do it right, you will have to think through issues related to network architecture, current telephony infrastructure, project management, and team structure.


Let Your Voice Be Heard—Loud and Clear

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Hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP

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Unified Communications

Unified Communications

Take the static out of your collaboration. With CenturyLink UC&C solutions, connect with crystal-clear, high-quality audio, video and web conferencing.

Different Offices. Same Page.
Remote workforces can extend your business reach and enhance productivity. But keeping everyone in sync can be a challenge. Read about five ways to help more effectively manage remote teams
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