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Get the 2018 CenturyLink Threat Research Report

By analyzing traffic across our vast global network, CenturyLink Threat Research Labs is gaining a deep understanding of the current threat landscape—and it’s helping organizations stay safer.Get access to all our security insights inthe 2018 CenturyLink Threat Research Report.

With the 2018 CenturyLink Threat Research Report, you’ll uncover security insights that change everything, including:

  • A deeper look at the 2018 global cybersecurity threat landscape
  • Malicious traffic, C2s and compromised hosts by country of origin

  • Top 5 Bot hosting and trafficked countries
  • A review of DDoS IoT Botnets
  • Active C2s, command types and volumes for Gafgyt and Mirai attacks

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From vast benefits and current trends, to its evolving role in the marketplace, IDC shares just how important network-based security has become.
Manage Risk Through Digital Transformation
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What is CenturyLink Adaptive Network Security?
Next-generation security technologies like data analytics and artificial intelligence are giving companies the flexibility to react quickly and proactively to threats.
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