What’s Hybrid Cloud and Why Do You Need It?

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about the hybrid cloud, and that it’s hugely popular among businesses of all sizes and throughout all industries. You’ve been told your business could significantly benefit from it. So what’s the draw? What’s really going on?

Let’s start out with a little bit of background to give you an idea of how popular hybrid cloud has become. According to the most recent State of the Cloud survey, 95% of organizations have adopted some kind of cloud. The majority of those businesses (67%) have gone hybrid. Gartner has proclaimed that hybrid cloud will dominate private and public clouds going forward. And 74% of chief financial officers (CFOs) say that of all technologies, hybrid cloud will have the most measurable impact on their businesses.


Cloud Services That Elevate Your Entire Business

Reduce complexity and increase flexibility with our full range of hybrid IT and cloud solutions. We’ll help you build a secure, fully connected cloud ecosystem that’s easy to manage—so you can reach the sky-high potential of your business.

Multi-Cloud Management

Our multi-cloud strategy employs products and managed services to simplify the management of your resources—so they work harder for you. 

Public Cloud

Public Cloud

Whether you need elastic infrastructure, cloud application services, scalability or managed solutions, CenturyLink has you covered with a unified cloud platform.

Best Practices for Multi-Cloud Management
Recent research from IHS Markit shows that the average organization is utilizing up to eight clouds by this year. Watch a webinar to learn how you can more efficiently manage all of your cloud resources  for greater impact and success.

Where digital business goes to network
Where digital business goes to network