Long-Distance and Toll-Free Services

Minimize operational costs, maximize overall efficiency.

CenturyLink® Long-Distance and Toll-Free solutions help you deliver quality service to your customers, wherever they are. Toll-free numbers give your business a national presence and make it easy to keep customers in touch with a single contact number whether you have one business location or branches spread out across the country. And long-distance services put every colleague, customer, and partner within easy reach.

Long-distance connections are not just a means of communications but are a key step in the path to new ways to connect, to collaborate and to poise your business for next-generation technology. Businesses that choose CenturyLink voice can depend on CenturyLink to provide reliable long-distance and toll-free service that will support them now and can transition to innovative IP voice technologies when that next communications step is taken.

We offer long-distance and toll-free solutions for a range of business needs, from domestic toll-free to IP long-distance.

Features & Benefits

  • Custom pricing plans with a variety of origination and termination features
  • Seamless integration with other voice and IP products
  • Integrated billing and custom reporting capabilities
  • Extensive coverage to destinations across the world
  • Multiple layers of redundancy and diversity in the network.
  • Built-in fail-safe measures to provide call completion during disaster-recovery situations
  • Best-in-class troubleshooting and technical support from a dedicated and experienced team
  • Maximize customer satisfaction and increase customer retention by providing immediate, personal access to your company
  • Reduce transport costs and increase contact center effectiveness
  • Set up your service quickly and get answers to your questions with a dedicated support team
  • Receive clear calls and reliable service over our advanced networks
  • Converge your voice, data and video needs and work with one provider and customer service team when your business is ready to grow
  • Use features easily with no steep learning curve
  • Get exactly the voice services you need with a wide range of options from fiber to traditional phone lines
Domestic Toll-Free Service

Our powerful toll-free service solution offers enhanced routing features that effectively distribute and manage calls to contact centers. The service includes facilitating pre and post-sale customer contact, order taking, product support, and other key customer-service functions. We don't just provide you with a toll-free number, we conduct continuous audits and service reviews to ensure your service is meeting your needs and your billing is transparent and accurate.

IP Long-Distance and Toll-Free Services

Now you can extend your communications capability to include domestic and international outbound long-distance and inbound toll-free calls without a big price tag. With high-quality long-distance and IP toll-free service over our fiber-optic network, you can enhance your suite of IP telephony services, while connecting with your customers and employees. And you don't have to worry about downtime or poor call quality, because these VoIP solutions provide the traditional accessibility and reliability of public switched telephone network (PSTN).

Whether used as a package or individually, IP voice is an integrated service platform that business customers rely on for fast, accurate and cost-effective voice transport.

CenturyLink® Connect

CenturyLink Connect offers high-volume domestic long-distance, toll-free, directory-assistance, and conferencing users deeper discounts and better timing increments on CenturyLink domestic interstate long distance and toll free. A monthly minimum spend of $5,000 on domestic long-distance and toll-free services is required to qualify for CenturyLink Connect. In addition to aggressive long-distance rates, CenturyLink Connect offers volume discounts based on the CenturyLink domestic long-distance, toll-free, directory-assistance, and conferencing usage charges after taxes have been deducted.

International Long Distance

Whether you're adding an office in Budapest or selling products in Brazil, you can trust our International Long Distance to keep you in close, personal touch with customers and suppliers far away. International Long Distance is a technologically advanced solution that offers voice access to landline and mobile numbers in more than 200 countries from anywhere in the contiguous US.

If you're already using CenturyLink® Domestic Long-Distance Service, add International Long Distance to your service and create a highly flexible tool for your virtual enterprise.

Outbound Long Distance

A great deal of mission-critical business communications are still transacted over the phone, even in today's hyper-connected, digital environment. Outbound Long Distance connects over the robust CenturyLink multi-protocol label switching (MPLS), OC-192 fiber-optic SONET network to all major serving areas in the country as part of a complete suite of communications tools available to complex, large-business customers. The national CenturyLink interexchange network infrastructure combines the use of a traditional circuit-switched platform with a next-generation voice services platform, so you know your service is supported by the latest technology.


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