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Adding an account document

In Control Center, you can store information you need to manage your CenturyLink services—so that members of your organization can access them from a central location. When you add a document, you can specify whether everyone in your organization can view the document or whether only users you specify can view the document. When you no longer need the document, you can delete the document.

To add an account document:

  1. Click Admin, then click Account Documents.

Control Center lists all account documents you have access to for your organization.

  1. Click Upload.
  1. From the Customer Number and Billing Account Number lists, select the customer number and billing account number you want the document to be listed for.
  1. From the User Access list, select who in your organization can have access to the file you're uploading:

    • If you want everyone in your organization to have access to the document, select All Users.

    • If you want to specify people who can access the document, select Target User, then type the email address(es) for the users you want to have access.
  1. Click Choose File, browse to the file you want to upload, then click Open.
  1. In the Description field, type a description for the document (such as the document title or purpose).
  1. Click Upload.

    Control Center adds the document to the list of account documents. For the next 30 days, Control Center lists the document as new.
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