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Creating a new user

If you're a Control Center system administrator (CSA), you can create new users at your organization. You can also add an existing user, change a user's permissions, and assign accounts to a user. (If you're not a system administrator, find out how you can make these changes in my organization.)

To create a new Control Center user:

  1. Click the Admin tile, then click the Manage Users subtile. 

Control Center lists the users. (Users with the green outline of a person and gear icon next to their names are system administrators.)

  1. Click Create New User.
  1. Fill in the profile information for the new user.

    Control Center checks the information as you enter it. You may need a couple tries to find a username that isn't already used by someone else.

  2. When you've filled in the profile, click Save & Continue to Permission. (You can click Save & Return to User List, but users must have both permissions and accounts assigned to their profile to use Control Center. It's a good idea to get in the habit of creating the user, assigning permissions, and adding accounts all at once. If you only create a user and do nothing else, the user can sign in to Control Center, but won't have access to the features.)

    After you create the user, Control Center sends an email (to the address you provided) with the username, temporary password, and instructions for logging in. The email also includes your oranization's Control Center system administrators for reference.
  1. Use the toggles and sliders to set the permissions for the user. For the billing or administration sections, you can turn on or off permissions for the whole section. Within a section, you can turn on and off individual permissions. To view more information about a permission, hover over the question mark on the far right of the line for the permission. (To designate the user as a CSA, make sure the Customer System Admin (CSA) toggle is in the On position. System administrators have access to all permissions.)

    You CSA must also give permission to perform role-based functions (e.g., billing, repair, ordering) and assign at least one account to the user. Without roles or accounts, the user will be able to log in, but will not be able to do anything in Control Center.

  2. When you're done editing permissions for the user, click Continue to Account Groups.
  1. Fill in the account groups information.

  2. Click Save.

  3. To assign an account group to the user, click the toggle for the account group (under My Available Account Groups) to change it to the On position. To assign all account groups to the user, click the toggle for the My Available Account Groups section to change it to the Off position (which will move all unassigned accounts to the My Assigned Account Groups section).

  4. When you're done adding account groups, click Continue to Accounts.
  1. To assign an account to the user, click the toggle for the account (under My Available Accounts) to change it to the On position. To assign all accounts to the user, click the toggle for the My Available Accounts section to change it to the Off position (which will move all unassigned accounts to the My Assigned Accounts section). After you create profiles for users, they can update their profile (contact information) as needed.
  1. When you're done adding account groups, click Return to Profile.
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