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Creating an account group

You can create an account group to make it easier to manage your accounts. Using an account group, you can filter your accounts to make viewing invoices, paying bills, and viewing payment history easier. After you create an account group, you can manage the accounts that are part of the group, select an account group to be your default view, rename the group, or delete the group.

To create an account group:

  1. Click the Admin tab, then click the Accounts subtab. 

Control Center displays a list of all your CenturyLink accounts. By default, your accounts are organized by account number.

  1. Select the checkbox next to the accounts you want to create an account group for.
  1. Click Account Groups Create/Update.
  1. Select the Create New Account Groups radio button, then type a name for the account group.
  1. If you want the account group you're creating to be the default list of accounts shown, click Make this my default Account Group.
  1. Click Save.
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