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Deactivating (or reactivating) a Control Center user

After six months of inactivity, Control Center automatically deactivates a user's account. (After an additional six months of inactivity, Control Center deletes the user account.) As a Control Center system administrator, you can reactivate users so they're able to log in again. You can also manually deactivate users if they no longer need Control Center access.

To deactive (or reactivate) a user:

  1. Click the Admin tile, then click the Manage Users subtile. 

Control Center lists the users. (Users with the green outline of a person and gear icon next to their names are system administrators.)

  1. Search for the user that you want to deactivate (or reactivate). Deactivating and reactivating users saves deleting users and having to create their account again.

  2. When you find the user, click Edit Profile on the line for that user.

  3. In the password box that appears, type your Control Center password, then click Go.

    Control Center displays the profile information for the user you selected. The Status field indicates whether the user is active (able to log in) or inactive (unable to log in).
  1. Do one of the following:

    • To deactivate the user, click Inactive.

    • To reactivate the user, click Active.

  2. Click Return to Profile.
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