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Requesting a PDF copy of your bill

Control Center stores your bills from the previous 24 months. If you need to save a copy of your bill, you can download and save it for future reference.

To request a PDF copy of your bill:

  1. Click the Billing tab.

    The Invoices subtab opens.
  1. Select the checkbox on the row for the account(s) you want to request a PDF copy of. If you don't receive an email notifying you that your PDF request is ready to print, you probably need to update your contact information or you may need to change your notification settings.
  1. Click Download Bill PDF.

    Control Center displays a confirmation of your request. You'll receive an email when your request is complete. At that time, you can print or download and save your bill. Be sure to save all documents you want to keep to your computer. Documents created for PDF requests are held for 14 days and then they are deleted from Control Center.
  1. Click the Bill PDFs & Data Downloads subtab to see the status of your PDF request.
  1. When the Status column shows Available for Download, select the checkbox on that row.

  2. Click Download Selected.
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