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Viewing the status of your billing tickets

Depending on the type of account and permissions you have, you will likely be able to see a list of billing tickets and check the status of your repair tickets

To view the status of your billing tickets:

  1. Click the Billing tile, then click the Billing Requests subtile.

    Control Center displays all your billing tickets and detail for each ticket:

    • Billing Ticket #
    • Ticket Title
    • Status (status of the billing ticket)
    • Account (the account number the ticket was opened for)
    • Billed Date (the date of the last bill for the account)
    • Submitted (the date the billing ticket was submitted)
    • Last Activity (when the ticket was last updated)
  1. To view more detail for a billing ticket, click the green billing ticket number link. To locate a billing ticket, you can search for it. Click the column headers to sort all the records—ascending/descending, descending/ascending. Click the Search For list to find specific categories of records (e.g., status, account, bill date).

    Click the billing ticket number to see the name and email address of the CenturyLink billing specialist assigned to your ticket. It typically takes 24–48 hours for a representative to be assigned. Until a specialist has been assigned, the name and email fields are blank. After a ticket is assigned, the status changes from open to processing.
  1. When you're done viewing the ticket details, click Close.

    You can only see tickets associated with accounts you have permission to see and tickets created online.  For tickets created by calling the Control Center Help Desk, contact us.
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