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Customizing your Control Center dashboard

The navigation you see when you log in to Control Center is determined by your your viewing preferences, the types of services your organization subscribes to, and the permission levels you have. You will see up to five tiles that you can customize on the Control Center homepage—known as the dashboard.

The five tiles include:

  • Billing—view/pay/print bills, create billing tickets, analyze your bill, add accounts, create reports
  • Admin—change your profile, add/manage users, find your system administrator
  • Products & Services—view/manage your inventory, view order status, create/manage orders, explore additional products and services
  • Service Management—create/view repair tickets, view circuit tests, request a configuration change
  • Reports—create reports, analyze your network use and performance, access Bill Analyst and Usage Analyst

Additional links (available on every page in Control Center):

  • Profile—view and edit your user profile
  • Alerts—set up notifications and customize how you receive alerts (e.g., phone, text, Alert Center)
  • Help—our library of support topics to learn how to use Control Center

You can customize the Control Center dashboard to reflect your role and what you do. These widgets are available for you to add (or remove) from your Control Center dashboard:

  • Customize My Dashboard—change how your Control Center dashboard looks.
  • Network Map—quickly see the health and status of your network.
  • Inventory—view a list of your services.
  • Quick Report: At-a-Glance
  • Quick Report: Top Hitters
  • Billing Summary—view a summary of your bill.
  • Active Ticket Summary—view a summary of open repair tickets (including status), which you can access by clicking on the ticket number.

To customize your dashboard:

  1. Click the Customize My Dashboard bar (under the main tiles) to expand the widget.
  1. Use the box with the gray dotted line to customize your dashboard:

    • To remove a widget, drag the widget to the right (out of the dotted line box).

    • To add a widget, drag the widget to the left (into the dotted line box).

    • To reorder how the widgets appear, drag the widget (within the dotted line box) to the location you want it to appear in.
  2. Click Save. (To start again, click Reset.)

  3. Click the Customize My Dashboard bar to close the widget.
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