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Logging in to Control Center for the first time

When you first log in Control Center, you'll need to do a few things that you won't need to do on subsequent logins.

To log in to Control Center:

  1. Go to the Control Center login page.
  1. Enter your user ID and temporary password from the emails we sent you. If you registered yourself for Control Center, enter the username and password you chose when you registered.

  2. Click Log In.
  1. Read through the user agreement, then click Agree.
  1. In the Reset Password section, fill in the Current Password, New Password, and Confirm New Password fields. (Help choosing a password)

  2. In the Security Questions section, select two security questions from the lists and type the answer to each question. Remember, your answers are case-sensitive.

  3. Click Save & Go to Control Center.

    You've completed the setup for your Control Center account. Next you'll customize your dashboard and verify the information in your profile.

    The Control Center dashboard (homepage) appears. Depending on your permissions, you'll see up to five main navigation tiles (Billing, Admin, Products & Services, Service Management, and Reports). Below the tiles are widgets that help you quickly access data related to your CenturyLink service such as alerts or trouble tickets.
  1. Customize your dashboard to select the widgets you'd like to appear below the main navigation tiles. (If you don't want to customize your dashboard now, click the up arrow on the right side of the Customize My Dashboard bar to close the widget. You can always customize your dashboard later.)

  2. Next, double-check the profile information (phone number, address, etc.) your system administrator entered when your account was created. Click the Profile icon (in the upper-right corner above the main navigation tiles).
  1. Verify the information in your profile.

    • If everything looks good, you're all set. You're ready to start using Control Center!

    • If you need to make changes, click Update User Details, make your changes, then click Return to Profile.

To help ensure your Control Center user profile(s) remain secure, here is how we actively clean up unused Control Center user profiles:

  • After six months without logging in, we'll deactivate your Control Center user profile. 
  • After an additional six months without logging in, we'll delete your Control Center user profile. 
  • We'll email you thirty days before deactivating or deleting your Control Center user profile so you can log in (if you still need your user account) and reset the counter for deactivation/deletion. 
  • If your user profile has been deactivated, your organization's Control Center system administrator can reactivate your user profile. 
  • If your user profile has been deleted, your system administrator can recreate it for you.
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