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Updating a termination number on multiple routing plans

In Control Center, you can update multiple termination numbers at once, called a bulk edit. This is helpful if a trunk goes down and you need to move your traffic from one location to another quickly. You can also change a termination number for a single routing plan.

To update a termination number on multiple routing plans:
  1. Click the Inventory tab, the Inventory Services subtab opens. 

Control Center displays a list of all services assigned to the accounts under your enterprise ID. If you have more than 10 services, you can view the rest of your services by clicking one of the blue linked Show numbers at the top of the list or you can click the blue down arrow at the bottom of the list to add 10 services at a time to the view.

  1. Search for the service in one of these ways:

    • Sort your services using the Sort by… list (e.g., Service Type). You can toggle between descending and ascending order using the arrow to the right of the Sort by… list.

    • Filter your services by selecting an option from the View All (Default) list.

    • Search for a specific service (by service type, account, etc.) using the Search by… field and search box. (To search using multiple search criteria, click Advanced Search, then fill in your search criteria and click Apply Search Filters. When you're done, click Close Advanced Search.)
  1. When you find the service you want to update a termination number on multiple routing plan for, click the blue arrow on the right of the line for the service, the Details section opens.
  1. Click the arrow in the Bulk Edit Termination section to expand it.
  1. In the Current Termination section, choose whether the current termination (the terminating number you want to change) is dedicated or switched.
  1. Depending on how many toll-free numbers have the termination you selected, it may take a while to retrieve the data. Click OK to continue.

    Control Center updates the Select Termination list with numbers matching your selection.
  1. From the list, select the current terminating number, then click Go.

All the toll-free numbers with the terminating address have been selected by default. If you want to change the selection, you can choose a new terminating address. 

  1. From the Select Termination list, select a number.
  1. Click Submit.
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