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Viewing a CenturyLink Network Management Service device health report

As a CenturyLink® Network Management Service customer, you can run device health reports on your service with our Network Performance (PTAP) applications reports tool. We have 26 health reports for you to select from, our most popular reports are: Top Hitters, At-A-Glance, and Summary.

To log in to PTAP:

  1. Click the Reports tab, then click the Network Reports subtab. 
  1. From the PTAP home page, you will see a map view for your network.
  1. To access the most popular reports click Show Dashboard.
  1. Click on the one of the headings and click Go:
    • Top Hitters—shows a list of all elements in a group that exceed (or fall below) the specified criteria goals. This report lists the ten elements with the highest volume or use, highest health index, and the highest rate of change in both volume and health index. These charts always display ten elements, unless the group has fewer than ten elements. 
    • At-A-Glance—shows gauges of your enterprise-wise current performance for layer 3 interface. It displays the lowest and highest recorded value during the sample period.
    • Summary Rpts—shows the sample size, date, and time in a table format.
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