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Viewing your managed services inventory

Use Control Center to view your CenturyLink® Managed Services inventory, which is organized by location.

To view your managed services inventory:

  1. Click the Inventory tab, then click the Other Inventory subtab. 
  1. Click Managed Services section.

If you don't subscribe to Managed Services, you won't see the Managed Services tab—and you may not see the Other Inventory subtab.

  1. To view detailed information for a location, under the location name column, click the name, which is a link. 
Note: If you click Solution Summary, you'll see a detailed breakout of all your managed services, including: locations, account numbers, service IDs, solution types, and MS devices/equipment.
  1. To customize the details of the location, click on the managed service ID, which is a link.
  1. Click Edit Location Name, type the name, then click Done.
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