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Checking for available CenturyLink business services

Using Control Center, you can check to see whether you can add or upgrade services at an address or qualify for service at a new address.

To check for available CenturyLink business services:

  1. Click Orders, then click Explore Products.
  1. Click See what's available.
  1. In the Search box, type the address you want to qualify for, then press enter on your keyboard.

    Control Center searches for the address as you type. After you press enter (or select the address in the suggested results), Control Center will qualify the address for CenturyLink services and place a pin on the map for the location. A green check indicates that the address qualifies for the service; a red X indicates that the service is not currently available at the address.
  1. Do one of the following:

    • To qualify another address, repeat step 4.

    • To remove an address you've qualified, click the slider next to the address (to turn it green), then click Remove Location(s).

    • To view more information about a product, click the product name.
  2. To submit the address(es) and be contacted about the service:

    1. Click I am interested.

    2. Fill in any of the fields (e.g., add an email address in the CC field, add a subject line, and type a message about your request).

    3. Click Send.

You will be contacted by a CenturyLink representative.

  1. Click Close.
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