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Changing your billing address

If you have CenturyLink® Long Distance Service or Local Service, you can change your billing address online. Your change takes effect immediately or you can choose a date for the change. To change the billing address for other types of services, submit a billing ticket.

To change your billing address online:

  1. Click the Products & Services tile, then click the Order Status subtile. 

Control Center shows all pending orders and those completed in the last 90 days. You can tell the status of an order by looking at the Status column. 

  1. Click Manage Orders.
  1. Click Change Billing Address.
  1. Select the account type you want to change the billing address for.
  1. Select the date you want the change to go into effect.

  2. Fill in the new billing address information.

  3. At the bottom of the page, select whether you want the address change to apply to all of your accounts or only to certain ones. To specify accounts to apply the change to:

    1. Click the Apply this address change to specific billing account number(s) button.

    2. Select the accounts you want the address change to apply to.

    3.  Click Add Selected.

  4. Click Submit.

You'll receive an email confirming your changes. (If you don't receive an email, check your Control Center notification settings.) 

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