Business Support

Creating a custom holiday for day-of-year routing

If you're using the day-of-year routing feature to redirect call traffic, in Control Center you can create custom holidays that are unique to your business.

To create a custom holiday:

  1. Click the Products & Services tile, then click the Inventory subtile.
  1. Click any phone number.

  2. From the Call Plan More Actions list, select Edit Call Plan.

  3. From the Call Plan More Actions list, select Holidays.
  1. To make changes to your custom holiday list:

    • To add a custom holiday, click Add New, type a name for the holiday and add the date (MM/DD/YYYY), then click Add.

    • To edit a custom holiday, click the holiday's name, make your changes, then click Save.

    • To delete a custom holiday, click Delete.

Did you know? In Control Center, holidays only last one day. If you need to redirect calls for multiple or consecutive days during a single week, you can use day-of-week routing.