Business Support

Disconnecting CenturyLink business services online

Use Control Center to disconnect your services that have an 8-digit account number. For all other accounts (or for requests to disconnect multiple services), please email us at Include the following information in your email: account name(s), account number(s), identification of service(s) to be disconnected, and service address(es).

Your service will be disconnected 30 days from the date CenturyLink submits your order for disconnect (unless otherwise required by your service contract or tariff). Please follow this disconnect process to avoid continued billing of service for which CenturyLink cannot issue credits.

To disconnect services:

  1. Click the Products & Services tile, then click the Order Status tile.
  1. Click Manage Orders.
  1. Click Disconnect.
  1. Fill in the form. To disconnect all of your services, select the Disconnect entire account checkbox. If you have a complex account, rather than manually entering a large amount of information on the form, you can upload a file instead. 

    1. Click Attach a File, browse to the file and click Open

    2. You can upload an XLS, CSV, PDF or XML document—up to 2 MB.

    3. If necessary, include a comment to help us serve you better. (There's room for 250 characters.)

  2. Click Submit Request.

    You'll receive an email confirming the services you've requested be disconnected. You can also check your order status online.

If you have questions, contact us. Control Center specialists are available to help! And if you're having trouble with your service, you can create a repair ticket or contact us for help.