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Logging in to the CenturyLink Network-based Security portal

Use the CenturyLink® Network-based Security (NBS) portal to view the configuration and policies for each of your security instances.

You can log in to the NBS portal in one of two ways:

The NBS portal: You need a user ID, PIN, and a secure token, which you should have received when you signed up for the NBS service.

Control Center

  1. Log in to Control Center.

  2. Click the Products & Services tile, then click the Inventory subtile.

  3. Click the green arrow.
  1.  Click Manage My NBS, then click Go to Manage My NBS.

Did you know? The NBS portal requires two-factor authentication: a PIN and a number that's randomly generated by a secure token. Your NBS service includes three security tokens, which can be assigned to up to three different users.