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Updating a phone number for your SIP trunk service

Using Control Center, you can update the configuration of your SIP trunk service depending on your organization's needs. The status of the changed phone numbers momentarily shows as update until the changes are complete, when the changes take place immediately.

To update a SIP trunk phone number:

  1. Click the service ID for SIP trunk service you want to modify.

  2. Click the green arrow next to the Telephone Number Management section.
  1. Select the checkbox(es) next to the phone number(s) you want to modify.

  2. Select either Edit TNs Individually or Modify Multiple TNs, then click Go.
  1. Using the lists in the pop-up window, edit which calls are being blocked (if any), the associated route plan, and/or the PPU location. You should also add contact information (name and email address) for the phone number—which assigns the number to the user.

  2. Click Update.

  3. Click the X to close the window (in the upper-right corner).
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