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Creating a billing account group in Bill Analyst

With Bill Analyst you can organize accounts into categories by creating account groups. This is helpful when you have a lot of accounts. Account groups are much like file folders. With them, you can organize your accounts into categories to make viewing and ordering statements much easier.

To create an account group:

  1. Click the Reports tile, then click the Billing Reports subtile.
  1. Click Bill Analyst.

Control Center opens Bill Analyst in a separate window.

  1. Click the Setup tab.
  1. In the Account Information box, click Account Groups.
  1. Select + Add Group.
  1. Type a group name, then click Save.
  1. Select the checkboxes next to the accounts you want to include in the new group.
  1. From the Copy to account group list, select the name of the group you want to add the account to.

The group name is listed on the left side and the number of accounts is show in parenthesis after it.

Did you know? Account groups are shared among all the users of your organization. When you're running summary or detail reports, you can use hierarchies/levels to get a similar result. 

You can also edit the names of your account groups, move accounts within groups, and delete groups you've created.