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Viewing a billing statement in Bill Analyst

It only takes a few minutes to view your statements in Bill Analyst. You can also compare, consolidate, group, export, or print them. Watch our video about statements to learn more:

To view a billing statement:

  1. Click the Reports tile, then click the Billing Reports subtile.
  1. Click Bill Analyst.

Control Center opens Bill Analyst in a separate window.

  1. Click the Statements tab.
  1. From the Statement list, select the month you want, then click View.
  1. Select the Expand Statement checkbox, then click View to see additional details.

Did you know?

  • Clicking any of the orange links brings up more information about a charge.

  • When you don't see a bill date and amount billed, it means the data hasn't been loaded for the month.

  • If you have an account associated with a summary bill/MSB, the bill date and amount billed will not populate. To see the sub-account billing details, select the summary bill/MSB.