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Creating a new hierarchy in Usage Analyst

You can use hierarchies to track your telecom use or spend across different groups and functions of your organization for more informed reporting and analysis.

After you create a hierarchy, you add nodes and sub nodes to it (representing different groups in your organization) and assign accounts and services to them.

When you create a new hierarchy, it automatically becomes the active hierarchy until you log out; when you log back in, you can choose to make the hierarchy you want to work with the active hierarchy. (The master hierarchy is set as the active hierarchy by default.)

Learn more about hierarchies and nodes

To create a new hierarchy:

  1. Click the Reports tab, then click the Voice Reports subtab. 
  1. Click Usage Analyst.

Control Center opens Usage Analyst in a separate window.

  1. Click the Setup tab.
  1. In the Hierarchies box, click Set Hierarchy.
  1. Click Add Hierarchy.
  1. Type a name for your hierarchy.
  1. Select the radio button for either a blank hierarchy or a copy of an exiting hierarchy.

    If you want to experiment with different reporting scenarios, you can create multiple hierarchies to test your results. Make a copy of an existing hierarchy to use as a starting point or you can create one from scratch. If you decide you want to start with a copy, any changes you make to the new hierarchy will not impact the original hierarchy.
  1. Click Save.

    When you create a new hierarchy, it automatically becomes the active hierarchy, until you log out. When you log back in, the master hierarchy will be set as the active hierarchy.
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