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Creating a time period to segment call flow in Usage Analyst

You can segment call flow based on when calls are coming in, such as morning, afternoon, or night. You do this by creating time periods. Calls that come in during the time periods you create get labeled and segmented for easy reference. For example, if you operate a call center, you can use this feature to watch the traffic flow and set up staffing schedules. 

Time periods cannot overlap. For example, if you have one time period running from 12:00–5:00 pm, the next time period must start at 5:01 pm to avoid overlapping.

To create a time period:

  1. Click the Reports tile, then click the Voice Reports subtile.
  1. Click Usage Analyzer.

Control Center opens Usage Analyst in a separate window.

  1. Click the Setup tab.
  1. In the Descriptions box, click Time Periods.
  1. Click Add Time Periods.
  1. Fill in the information for the time period:

    1. In the Time Period field, type a name for the time period.

    2. In the Start Time and End Time fields, type the beginning and ending times for the time period.
  1. Click Save.

Did you know? You can enter the start and end times in either the 24-hour clock or am/pm format. If you use the am/pm format, Usage Analyst changes it to the 24-hour clock format.