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Editing a node description in Usage Analyst

After you've created a hierarchy and added nodes to it, you may need to make some changes to it. You are unable to move the topmost node; however, you can edit the description of a node and GL code using Tree Builder in Usage Analyst.

To edit node descriptions (and their respective GL codes):

  1. Click the Reports tab, then click the Voice Reports subtab. 
  1. Click Usage Analyst.

Control Center opens Usage Analyst in a separate window.

  1. Click the Setup tab.
  1. In the Hierarchies box, click Tree Builder. If you haven't created a hierarchy, you won't see the Tree Builder option. You must create a hierarchy and make it active before you can add nodes to it.
  1. Click Corporate, then click Edit Descriptions.
  1. Edit the descriptions and GL codes.
  1. Click Save.
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