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Exploring standard summary use reports in Usage Analyst

Usage Analyst gives you a variety of standard summary reports you can use to review and evaluate your telecom use. You can select a one-page, high-level report or edit the standard report to create your own custom standard report. To see more details about your telecom use, you can create a detail use report.

Standard summary reports include:

  • Calls by answer type
  • Calls by type
  • Carrier call type summary
  • Completion type breakdown
  • Daily summary
  • Day of week breakdown
  • LD dedicated calls
  • LD switched calls
  • Terminating city summary
  • Toll free busy calls
  • Toll free dedicated term route
  • Toll free repeat callers
  • Toll free switched term route
  • Top destination numbers
  • Top origin numbers
  • Trunk summary
  • Weekly summary
  • IQ Networking daily summary
  • IQ Networking summary
  • IQ Networking weekly summary
  • VoIP account summary
  • VoIP daily summary
  • VoIP usage minutes per hour per customer
  • VoIP by volume
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