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Exporting a hierarchy in Usage Analyst

You can export either an entire hierarchy or a branch of a hierarchy to print or archive it for future reference. The downloaded file will contain the tree structure of the hierarchy. You can also can include account and service assignments.

To export a hierarchy:

  1. Click the Reports tab, then click the Voice Reports subtab. 
  1. Click Usage Analyst.

Control Center opens Usage Analyst in a separate window.

  1. Click the Setup tab.
  1. In the Hierarchies box, click Set Hierarchy.

  2. Select the radio button next to the hierarchy you want to export, then click Export Hierarchy.
  1. Complete the form:

    • From the Level list, select the branch you want to export.

    • Select which elements to include with the exported hierarchy: nodes, accounts, services.

    • Select the file format for exporting the hierarchy: PDF, CSV, XML.  
  1. Click Ok.
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