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Adding a network-maintenance event to your personal calendar

CenturyLink makes every effort to list network-maintenance events that could impact your services so you can plan accordingly. To make it easier to track them and plan around them, you can add network-maintenance events to your personal calendar. If a network-maintenance event conflicts with your business needs, you can request that it be rescheduled.

To add a network-maintenance event to your personal calendar:

  1. Click the Service Mgmt tab (service management), then click the Maintenance Calendar subtab. 

Control Center displays a calendar showing all current network maintenance events affecting your CenturyLink services for the current month.

  1. Search for the network-maintenance event you want to add to your calendar.
  1. When you find the event you want to add to your calendar, do one of the following:

    • In calendar view, click the event on the calendar.

    • In list view, click anywhere on the row for the event.

Control Center displays the details for the event: start/end date and time, affected services, etc.

  1. Click Add to My Calendar.

    Control Center downloads a calendar entry to your computer.
  1. To add this to your calendar, double-click the calendar entry.
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