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Searching for, sorting, and filtering your repair tickets

If you're tracking a large number of tickets, knowing how to use the sort, filter, search, and customize features makes the task simpler.

To search, sort, or filter your repair tickets:

  1. Click the Service Management tile, then click the Ticketing subtile.

    Control Center shows all tickets created in the last 90 days, including tickets CenturyLink has created on your behalf. By default, tickets are organized by the date the ticket was created (starting with the newest). The Status column shows the status for each ticket: New, Assigned, Pending, Closed, Canceled.

Use any of the sort, filter, or search tools:

Sort—use the Sorted by X list to choose which column to sort by. To toggle between ascending and descending order, use the arrow to the right of the field.

Filter—your tickets based on a specific value, by selecting an attribute from the Search by… field, type the search criteria in the field to the right, then press Enter.

Advanced Search—allows for multiple or a combination of values, by clicking Show Advanced Search and select what you want to find (e.g., service location + creation date).

Customize—your view, by clicking the grid icon (on the right) and add, move, or delete columns. To see only open tickets, click the View All list, then select View Active.

You can also save a copy of your search results. Click Download and select a PDF, CSV, or XLS version of the data for your records.

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