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Updating information in a repair ticket

After you create a repair ticket, you can edit the contact information, add work log notes, or add attachments to update the ticket without having to cancel it and create a new ticket.

Note: You cannot make changes to closed or canceled tickets.

To update information in a repair ticket:

  1. Click the Service Management tile, then click the Ticketing subtile.

    Control Center shows all tickets created in the last 90 days, including tickets CenturyLink has created on your behalf. By default, tickets are organized by the date the ticket was created (starting with the newest). The Status column shows the status for each ticket: New, Assigned, Pending, Closed, Canceled.
  1. Search for the ticket you want to cancel by doing one of the following:

    • Scroll through the tickets on the screen to find the one you want to cancel. If you have more than ten tickets, you can view the rest of your tickets by clicking one of the green linked numbers at the top of the list or you can click the green down arrow at the bottom of the list to add ten tickets at a time to the view.

    • Search for the ticket by selecting an attribute in the Search by… field and by typing the search criteria in the field to the right.

    • Click Advanced Search and use the fields to filter your search results using several pieces of data. If you're looking for a ticket that begins with a "W" (e.g., WP0707009), you won't find it in the ticket list. Instead, you'll see a Trouble Ticket Search link (which is not shown in this example) above the list.

  2. After you find the ticket you want to update, click the green arrow () on the right of the line for the ticket.

Control Center displays the detail for the ticket. (Before you update the ticket, review it to ensure you're updating the correct one. To view all details for the ticket, click the double green down arrow above the Ticket Details section.)

  1. To update or add a work log note:

    1. Click the green down arrow on the right side of the Work Log section.

    2. Type your note in the field, then click Post Your Log Entry.

  2. To update the contact information for the ticket:

    1. Click the green down arrow on the right side of the Contacts section.

    2. To change the primary or secondary contact, use the list to select a different contact. If the contact is not available in the list, select Add New Contact (at the bottom of the list), fill in the person's contact information, and click Save Changes. To remove a contact, select Please Select (Optional) from the list.

    3. To change the local contact, make changes to the fields in the Local Contact section. To remove the local contact, clear all the fields in the Local Contact section, then click Save Changes.

    4. If you need to attach any documents (such as a more detailed explanation of the problem or additional details pertaining to your request), you can upload up to two documents (up to 2 MB each). To attach a document, click Add Attachment, browse to locate the file, and click Open.
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