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Viewing the status and results of your circuit tests

Your circuit testing history is updated hourly or sooner. If a performance metrics (PM) test returns an error result, you'll be prompted to create a repair ticket and schedule an intrusive test, which is another type of circuit test.

To view the status and results of your circuit test:

  1. Click the Service Mgmt tab (service management), then click the Circuit Test  subtab. 

Control Center displays all circuit tests run in the last 90 days. By default, tests are organized by the date the request was created (starting with the newest). The Status column shows the status for each test.

  1. To view testing results, click the arrow next to the test.
Circuit test results and recommendations
  • test results are within standards
  • you can still create a repair ticket if you have reason to believe there are undetected circuit issues
Eqpt Errors
  • testing indicates there may be a problem with your inside wiring or equipment
  • try these things to troubleshoot the problem
    • reboot your equipment
    • check the card seating and cabling
    • inspect the wiring—and if necessary, replace damaged wires
  • for technical assistance or joint testing create a repair ticket
No Test Access
  • the test couldn't be run because we could not reach the circuit (e.g., the power may have been off)
  • create a repair ticket
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