Business support

Assign local contacts

Begin with the right local contacts

Identifying and assigning the best contacts at each of your locations may be the most important part of this process. Who is the right person to meet us? We’ve learned that our best point of contact at your site is someone who
  • is familiar with your site
  • has access to the building and telecom room (and can let us in, including authorizing badges)
  • can make decisions to address getting the site ready
  • can commit to a “ready date” to have the site prepped and ready for turn up

Please take time to confirm the contact details for each site contact, so we can introduce ourselves and schedule a meeting:

  • first and last name
  • email
  • mobile phone
  • phone number at local site
Note: For services connecting to Europe and Latin America, we will need three contacts.


Before the site survey can be completed, you must complete the following:
  • Provide the contact information of qualified local contacts (primary and secondary) who the field technicians (CenturyLink or third-party access vendor) can work with for scheduling, building access, and problem resolution.

  • CenturyLink (or the third-party) will schedule a site survey with your local contact. The local contact must be
    • familiar with the location/site
    • authorized to make decisions addressing service requirements
    • authorized to commit to a “ready date” for all requirements that your organization is responsible for
  • If the site is in a non-owned/leased facility, identify the building engineer who may be responsible for any facility work or approvals.

  • Identify an electrician to expedite the implementation time if there is any specific customer-provided work that is required.


To complete a site survey and any installation activities, CenturyLink (or the third-party access vendor) requires access to your site.