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Assign local contacts

Before we can complete a site survey and install your services, we need access to your site (for our technician or approved vendor). To schedule the site survey, we'll need a local contact at your site and may also need a technical contact. The local and/or technical contact will meet our technician and provide access to the site as well as answer any questions we have about the location. Use the guidelines below to select the best local and/or technical contact from your organization.

For each local or technical contact, please provide the following:

  • first and last name
  • email
  • mobile phone
  • phone number at local site
Note: For services connecting to Europe and Latin America, we will need three contacts.

Local contact

The local contact (or LCON) has access to the site or is physically located at the site and can also
  • provide our CenturyLink (or vendor) representative access to the building—including authorizing badges (if necessary)
  • assist in scheduling an off-hour visit (if necessary)
  • make decisions on getting the site ready
  • commit to a “ready date” to have the site prepped and ready for us to activate your services
  • help direct us to technical subject matter experts when needed
  • speak to and are aware of the details and specifications for the services you ordered
    • knows a CenturyLink or vendor representative will be contacting them to confirm the site survey date and time
    • knows a new install or change to service has been requested
  • contact the
    • building owner or property manager
    • building riser-management company (if needed)
    • building engineer (if needed)
  • help address delays when coordinating a site survey through property management due to legal restrictions
  • engage an electrician if you need to complete any additional wiring/electrical work

Technical contact

The technical contact is responsible for coordinating the technical aspects associated with installing your service at each location, such as
  • cabling—you must select the type of cabling as the handoff between CenturyLink and your equipment (CPE), including single mode (SM) or multimode (MM) fiber cabling and the preferred connector: latched (LC) or standard (SC)
  • service configuration—many services have configuration options, which may include an IP protocol and addressing scheme, BGP, VLAN, peering, etc.
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