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Preparing for CenturyLink Ethernet

Your steps for Ethernet service readiness

While every customer site is unique, there are things you can do before your Ethernet installation to help minimize delays and complications. Here, you'll find a video and other tools to help you understand these tasks and how you can prepare your environment for your new service.

What is this pre-installation site readiness and for whom is it intended?

This site is intended to address common questions and answers for the business owner or technical staff that has responsibility for overseeing the physical installation of the Ethernet service related to a CenturyLink Ethernet service. This information will help whether the Ethernet service is used for CenturyLink services like Metro Ethernet or Ethernet Local Access for services such as Managed Office, Managed Office Essentials, Hosted VoIP, or IQ Networking.

Your checklist for Ethernet installation

To ensure you are ready for your Ethernet installation, use this checklist as you watch the video to take notes and confirm you are familiar with the location and availability of these items. If these elements are missing or inadequate, or you are unable to locate them, your installation may be delayed and incur additional costs. Please refer to the appropriate questions and answers below for additional information.
building conduit
building entrance facilities
available backboard space or data equipment rack
building telecommunications room's demarcation point
building telecommunications room's space and power (dedicated 110V receptacle)
building telecommunications room's grounding
building inside wiring

building local area network (LAN) connections

  • standard RJ-45 connector
  • standard single-mode fiber connector
  • standard multi-mode fiber connector

Frequently asked questions

Got a question? Choose a selection below to read FAQs related to the following products & services:
  • Metro Ethernet
  • Managed Office
  • Managed Office Essentials
  • Hosted VoIP
  • IQ Networking
Before site installation and getting your site ready
During site installation
After site installation
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