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Moving your services onto the CenturyLink network

Thank you for choosing CenturyLink as your network provider. By moving to the CenturyLink network, you'll benefit from
  • greater reliability, increased security, and improved performance with an end-to-end circuit on a single network
  • simplified expansion of your network and services using our local presence and global reach
  • quicker turn around for future needs—up to 41% faster than off-net services
  • faster resolution of service issues with better communication channels
    • on-net services are repaired 66% faster than services with off-net portions
    • communication directly with CenturyLink—no third-party providers
    • reduced handoffs between service teams

Working with your migration coordinator

Your migration coordinator submits your order and manages it until you activate your new service. Your migration coordinator also manages disconnecting your old services and provides you with a timelime for completing your order. If you ever have questions, contact your migration coordinator, who will answer your questions and help resolve any issues. Here are the primary times your migration coordinator will contact you
  • welcome email and phone call to review your order and verify demarcation information, extensions, IP reuse, and activation
  • updates on your order and the schedule for important milestones
  • weekly or bi-weekly conference calls or email updates (based on your preference)
  • scheduling your activation and any maintenance windows (for switching to your new service)

Migrating your services to the CenturyLink network

As we migrate you to our network, use this guide to follow the process step by step and to know where we'll need your help.
1.  Submitting your order
2.  Checking your order and designing your circuit
3.  Installing your service
4.  Testing your service
5.  Scheduling your activation and hot cut
6.  Disconnecting your old service
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