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Engage management during installation and turn up

Our commitment to you as our customer

CenturyLink is committed to making it easy to do business with us and to provide you with secure, reliable connections when, where, and how you need them. We have a dedicated customer care manager (CCM) assigned to your account to help ensure your experience with us is a very positive one. The name, phone number, and email address of your CCM appear on your order acknowledgement letter. Your CCM will assist you with any questions regarding your order, keep you informed of the status every step of the way from a holistic viewpoint and will act as an advocate on your behalf. However, in the event that you are not fully satisfied with the progress of your order, we have outlined the steps below to help you engage CenturyLink management in the order turn-up process.

What you can expect

  • a consistent resolution process with active customer participation
  • action planning and delivery according to committed dates
  • management involvement as appropriate

When to raise issues to CenturyLink management

If after working through our standard processes, you are not fully satisfied with the level or timeliness of the service you have received, or a service level agreement (SLA) has been missed, you can contact your CCM with your concerns. Additionally, you can contact your CCM when there is tangible impact or risk to your daily business operations because of the status of your order. When appropriate, your CCM will open a ticket with the Customer Escalations Desk. The Customer Escalations Desk will work with the appropriate parties to assist your CCM in resolving the issue at hand. Throughout the process, you will be provided status updates. Please work with your CCM to determine the frequency of these updates based on the needs of your business.

Resolution team key roles and responsibilities

Customer care manager (CCM)

  • Serves as your entry point to the management engagement process and single point of contact.
  • Advocates for you during the entire process for resolving your issue/problem.
  • Owns the problem and the action plan around the problem.
  • Ascertains the business impact of the situation, based on the information you provide.
  • Plans, directs and coordinates activities to ensure your project goals and objectives remain on track, and escalates where necessary on your behalf.
  • Ensures all parties are properly informed throughout the process.
  • Resolves your issue and closes your ticket.

CCM manager / director / VP

  • Advocates for you during the management engagement process.
  • Takes responsibility for your satisfaction and leads internal teams to resolution by removing roadblocks.
  • Obtains/approves additional resources as needed (technical or otherwise).
  • Provides acknowledgement to you within four business hours of receiving your phone call or e-mail concerning the issue/problem you are facing and his or her engagement in the process.

What you can expect during the process

We have a standard communication process that your CCM will share with you. However, if this does not meet your requirements, you and your CCM can collaborate to develop a communication plan that is appropriate to your needs. Our goal is to be your advocate and become a virtual member of your internal team.

In the event that your CCM opens a customer escalations ticket internal to CenturyLink, you may expect to hear status updates from either the escalations manager/director or your CCM.

Closure codes for when the Customer Escalations Desk is involved

Your ticket will be considered closed if one or more of the following conditions are met:
  • The initially agreed upon objectives have been achieved.
  • The issue has been reviewed and agreement has been reached to downgrade the severity level/ management engagement is no longer required.
  • You have agreed that the issue is resolved.
  • A mutual agreement has been reached that the issue cannot or will not be resolved and this has been communicated to all parties.

As part of our continuous improvement process, any tickets opened on your behalf will be reviewed by CenturyLink management. If you have any concerns about how your situation was addressed, please do not hesitate to engage our leadership for resolution by utilizing the management engagement contacts given to you in this document.

In addition, customers of CenturyLink can always contact the customer portal, our online account management tool that allows you to manage your services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is not available on all products; however, your CCM can help you understand how you can best utilize the customer portal.

Learn how to register for the portal

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