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Content is king. That’s why it’s never been more important to manage your next-generation media delivery as intelligently as possible. The CenturyLink Media portal gives you round-the-clock access to your critical service information, enabling you to better understand your data—and make changes to your services—in real time.

Take control. Drive efficiency. Grow your business. With CenturyLink.
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How and why it works

Benefits for CDN customers

  • Completely manage service delivery and storage, including provisioning new services, real-time monitoring and reporting, cache asset invalidation, managing account permissions and securing access to premium content.

  • Validate your content’s ROI using performance reporting, multilayered usage statistics and detailed accounting of usage and costs.

Benefits for Vyvx customers

  • Book video reservations online at any time, whether you need service in five minutes or up to six months in the future.

  • Manage your reservation needs in real time, including modifying, extending and “good nighting” live feeds.

  • Get historical data reporting on fiber, satellite and teleport circuit usage, reservations and more.

Why CenturyLink

Media portal gives you 24/7 control over your services. Whether you’re a CenturyLink Vyvx or Content Delivery Network customer, you get the tools you need for maximum visibility into your data.

Our comprehensive, secure portal offers monitoring, reporting, management and booking tools, with flexible user administration to delegate access according to your business needs.
Leverage your high-performance network to deliver your video, applications, websites, and more.
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