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Adding a DCT definition to a configuration

Dynamic content transformation (DCT) allows your origin server to serve a single variant of an object, either identity or gzip, and have the CenturyLink CDN dynamically transform that content into the desired variant. Use a DCT definition to specify the file extensions you want DCT applied to.

Get help opening a configuration

To add a DCT definition to a configuration:

  1. From an open configuration, click Edit Configuration.
  1. In the Service-Wide Definition section, click DCT.

    Media portal lists the DCT definitions for the configuration (if any).
  1. Click New Definition.
  1. Type a name for the definition. (You can leave the auto-generated name or type a name more meaningful to you.)
  1. Add extensions to the definiton that you'd like DCT applied to:

    1. Type an extension in the field.

    2. To add additional extensions, click Add, then fill in the field.
  1. To make this definition the default DCT definition for the configuration, click the Default checkbox.
  1. If you need to edit or add other definitions, continue editing the configuration without saving. (Saving the configuration creates a new version.) When you're done editing the configuration, continue with step 8.

  2. Click Save (above the Service-Wide Definition section). You can also click Save As to save the configuration under a new name.
  1. If needed, add any notes to describe the changes you made.

  2. Click Save again.

    Media portal saves the configuration with the new definition.