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Adding a property-based setting to a property

When you add a property to a configuration, you have to add at least one property-based setting (traffic type). You can add additional property-based settings at the same time, but you can add more later using the instructions below. You can add only one property-based setting for each of the types in the list. Remember that the CDN applies these property-based settings to all requests to hosts within the Origin ID.

Get help opening a configuration

To add a property-based setting to a property:

  1. From an open configuration, click Edit Configuration.
  1. From the Properties list, select the property you want to add a property-based setting to.

    Media portal displays the information for the property. In the Property-Based Settings section, Media portal lists any property-based settings currently on the property.
  1. From the Add Setting list (in the Property-Based Settings section), select the type of property-based setting you want to add to the property. Use the sections below to learn more about how to add each type of property-based setting.

Adding a Lua-scripting property-based setting

Adding a DCT property-based setting

Adding an accept-encoding property-based setting

Adding a log-extras property-based setting

Adding a log-endpoints property-based setting

  1. If you need to edit or add other definitions, properties, or match rules, continue editing the configuration without saving. (Saving the configuration creates a new version.) When you're done editing the configuration, continue with step 10.
  1. Click Save (above the Service-Wide Definition section). You can also click Save As to save the configuration under a new name.
  1. If needed, add any notes to describe the changes you made.

  2. Click Save again.

    Media portal saves the configuration.
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