Business support

Viewing a Lua-scripting definition on a configuration

You can view Lua-scripting definitions CDN Support has added to a configuration (at your request).

Note: Once CenturyLink CDN Support creates a Lua scripting definition for you, you can view it and add it to a match rule, but you can't make changes. The Lua script remains on the configuration for future versions and Media portal include the Lua script if you copy the configuration to create a new configuration.

Get help opening a configuration

To view a Lua-scripting definition on a configuration:

  1. From an open configuration, click Edit Configuration.
  1. In the Service-Wide Definition section, click Lua Scripting.

    Media portal lists the Lua-scripting definitions for the configuration (if any).
  1. Use the list to select the Lua script you want to view.

    Media portal displays the Lua script you selected.