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CenturyLink offers two storage products: Origin Storage (file-based—FTP) and Object Storage (request-based—HTTP).

Origin Storage

CenturyLink Origin Storage Platform (OSP) service allows content libraries of virtually any size to be securely stored and easily managed over our global platform. Directly connected to CenturyLink’s global IP backbone, the Origin Storage Platform is integrated with CenturyLink® Content Delivery Network (CDN), for easy, reliable delivery of stored files over the internet.

CenturyLink has four Origin Storage super nodes globally: Los Angeles, New York, Frankfurt, and London. The nodes in Los Angeles and New York store content for the North American region, and the nodes in London and Frankfurt store content for the European region. Content to be served in Asia can also be stored in the North American region, depending on specific requirements. Contact your CenturyLink representative for details about specific content storage locations. Typically you upload your content to one of these four locations and the storage platform distributes the content to the broad array of CenturyLink caching and streaming nodes around the globe as needed.

Object Storage

CenturyLink CDN Object Storage is a global, scalable CDN origin solution for content providers who demand high-speed transfer, high availability, and security for their content. As an object-based storage system, CenturyLink CDN Object Storage can handle content libraries of virtually any size. The resilient storage architecture is connected to the CenturyLink® Content Delivery Network (CDN) via the CenturyLink IP backbone for easy, reliable delivery of content over the internet.