Business Support

MyLevel3 portal support

The MyLevel3 portal is your one-stop online destination for managing your legacy Level 3 services. MyLevel3 provides simple navigation, a feature-rich dashboard, personalization features, access to interactive maps, reporting, ticketing, ordering, and invoicing. You can also make a one-time payment or schedule payments in advance.

With anytime, anywhere access on any device, MyLevel3 provides tools that can help you streamline how you manage your services, save time, and control costs.

Why CenturyLink

  • Personalized dashboard. Your dashboard provides quick access to business-critical information, putting control of your services at your fingertips with a consolidated view of ordering, billing, and service-management information.

  • Simplified service management. Create, view, update, escalate or cancel tickets and receive proactive notification of activity and maintenance across your services.

  • Robust reports and network tools. Monitor and manage your network performance.

  • Convenient and secure billing. Easily view, download, and analyze your invoices and pay them online.

  • CenturyLink® Adaptive Network Control solutions. Adaptive Network Control Solutions delivers an automated, real-time approach to business network management. It gives you visibility and control of your network and provides you with the ability to scale your bandwidth on-demand online through MyLevel3.
MyLevel3 benefits
  • Convenience. Free tool that enables you to manage your tickets, billing disputes, and orders online with the same level of care as a direct call—saving you time and money.

  • Support and communications. Comprehensive portal support and educational tools including tutorials, webinars, and user guides. Please contact us if you have additional questions.

  • Secure and reliable. A dependable management tool that provides private access to your data to help ensure the protection and integrity of your network data.

  • Real-time transactions. Allows for transparent interactions with back-office source systems. Delivers timely information throughout the lifecycle of your services as well as fast resolution and response times.

  • Data availability. Up-to-the-minute, aggregated data from your network, providing details on everything from order status to utilization.