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Billing tab

MyLevel3 makes it easy to view your bills, make payments, view payment history, and more.

In MyLevel3, hover over the Billing tab. Then choose either

  • Invoice Management to view, pay, and manage bills

  • Billing Requests to make an inquiry or submit a dispute about a bill

Managing your communication expenses

You can use Invoice Management to view invoices online, generate reports, and manage your telecom costs:
  • Make payments online (for accounts in North America, billing in USD) and set up recurring payments.
  • Switch to paperless billing and retrieve your invoices online.
  • Allocate charges among cost centers by building customized hierarchies to align your costs to your organizational structure.
  • Get access to 13 months of historical information, printable and exportable statements, and reports for offline storage and management.
  • Create standard and customized invoice reports:
    • View, download, and analyze invoices in multiple formats including PDF, XML, and CSV.
    • Sign up for email notifications to be alerted about new bills, detailed data, or scheduled reports that are ready to view/download.
Invoice Management
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Getting answers to invoice questions

Using Billing Requests, you can ask a question about a bill or submit an invoice dispute.

You can create, view, update, and cancel requests:

  • billing requests
  • payment and collection inquiries
  • name and address changes
  • billing disputes

Using notes on your request, you can also communicate with a CenturyLink billing analyst.

The Billing Requests page shows you a list of invoices and the amount billed on each one. To create your request, you simply select the invoice(s) you have questions about.

Note: While we're working on building out MyLevel3 support content in this library, you can click the Help icon next to the title on any MyLevel3 page to find help related that section of MyLevel3.