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Voice Complete calling features

Voice Complete Feature Pack 1

The following features are standard for all Voice Complete customers. You manage these features using the Voice Feature Management portal. The Voice Feature Management portal allows users to access, use, and configure all features.

Call Waiting (both users and administrators)

Calling Line ID Blocking (both users and administrators)

Calling Line ID Blocking Per Call (both users and administrators)

External/Internal Calling Line ID Delivery (both users and administrators)

Call Intercept (administrators only)

Calling Plan—Incoming (administrators only)

Calling Plan—Outgoing (administrators only)

Configurable Calling Line ID (administrators only)

Group Calling ID Delivery (administrators only)

Voice Complete Mobility Feature Pack

The Mobility Feature Pack is an optional add-on for Voice Complete users. You manage these features in the Voice portal (a section within the Voice Feature Management portal). The Mobility Feature Pack allows you to access and configure two services also accessible in the Voice Feature Management portal:
  • Call Forwarding Always
  • Personalized Name Recording

Access the Voice portal using the phone number assigned to you and enter login credentials provided.

To make calls from the Voice Feature Management portal, follow the prompts.

To edit settings for the Voice portal in the Voice Feature Management portal:

  1. Log in to the Voice Feature Management portal.

  2. Click the Calling Features tab.

  3. Find the section for Voice portal.

  4. Click Edit.

  5. Check the box to enable auto-login to the Voice portal when calling from the desk phone.

Call Forwarding—Always (both users and administrators)

Call Forwarding—Busy (both users and administrators)

Call Forwarding—No Answer (both users and administrators)

Call Forwarding—Not Reachable (both users and administrators)

CommPilot Express (both users and administrators)

Sequential Ring (both users and administrators)

Simultaneous Ring Personal (both users and administrators)