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Orders tab

Use the Orders tab in MyLevel3 to create, submit, change or cancel orders for your legacy Level 3 products and services.

In MyLevel3, hover over the Orders tab, then select the ordering option you want to use from the list.

Managing your orders

You can check the status of your orders for legacy Level 3 products and services in MyLevel3. For example, you can see what's happening with install, change, or disconnect requests you've submitted. You can also view order status details like milestones, due dates and notes for an order. Under the Orders tab select Order Status.
On the Order Status page you can:
  • view the status of all open orders and orders closed within the last 30 days
  •  search for orders by order number, product, service location, etc. (use the Search box)
  • refine your search by create date, commit date, or complete date date range (use Advanced Search)
  • see more details for that order and look at the activity history (tickets and orders) for the service (click the order number)
  • print your order status report (click the Print icon)
  • export your order status report (click the Export icon)
  • add or remove columns to customize your view and any reports you create (click the Grid Settings icon)
Scan the column headers for specific information:
In this field… MyLevel3 shows…
Order Number unique identifier that CenturyLink has assigned to your order. Click an order number to see complete details for that order
Customer PON purchase order number you assigned to identify this order
Site Name name of the site where the service is located
Product type of CenturyLink service ordered
Service Location the city and state of the physical location of the requested service
Order Type the type of order: New, Modify, Cancel In-Flight order, and Disconnect Installed Service
Order Created date the order was created
Service ID unique identifier of the ordered/impacted CenturyLink service
Order Status current status of the order request: In Progress, On Hold, Complete, Pending, Cancelled, and Disconnected
Customer Commit Date date CenturyLink has committed to delivering the service
Complete Date date the order was completed and billing began
Billing Account Number account number associated with the service used by CenturyLink
Customer Name name of the customer assigned to this billing account number
Customer Number your Enterprise ID

Viewing order status details

To see details for an order, click the order number:
  • The milestone timeline across the top of the page shows you at a glance the order stage for that order:

    • Plan—During the Plan stage, we partner with you to ensure we have all the correct information to prepare your order for accurate and timely delivery. This is a great time to familiarize yourself with our customer readiness site which contains useful information to help ensure your site, equipment, and personnel are ready for your new service.

    • Design—During the Design stage, we identify the network resources necessary to meet your requirements and determine when we can complete your service. As we design your service, this is a great time to make sure your site is ready and to ensure any required work is planned to be complete before your customer commitment date.

    • Build—During the Build stage, we provision, configure, and test the Centurylink network to ensure proper function and performance of your services according to the specifications on your order. Depending on your product we may require your help coordinating access to your site so we can install equipment. As we build your service, rememer to make sure your site, equipment, and personnel are ready for your new service before your customer commitment date.

    • Activate—During the Activate stage, we hand over service to you. Depending on your product type, you can connect your equipment and activate your service or we work with you to schedule a coordinated activation. To avoid being billed before you're able to use your service, please review our billing commencement policy.

  • The Status Information column summarizes order status, order type, and key dates.

  • In the Service Order Details column you’ll see specific background on the order, such as A and Z locations and notes. The box on the right gives you contact information for your CenturyLink account team.
Managing your Dynamic Connections
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