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Disconnecting a connection

When you're done using a connection, you can disconnect it (and end billing for it). If you need to use the connection again, you can clone it.

To disconnect a connection:

  1. From the main menu, select Orders > Dynamic Connections.

    MyLevel3 lists all your connections with a status and brief summary for each connection.
  1. You can disconnect a connection from three different places:

    • To disconnect from List view, click the gear icon () on the left side of the row for the connection, then click Disconnect.

    • To disconnect from Map view, click the map pin () for one end of the connection, then click Disconnect.

    • To disconnect from Details view, click Disconnect.

MyLevel3 asks you to confirm that you want to disconnect the connection you selected.

  1. To disconnect the connection, click Yes.

    MyLevel3 disconnects the connection. You'll now see the connection listed with a status of Inactive. If you need to set up the same connection in the future, you can save time by cloning the connection.
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