Business support

Creating a bulk order for 1+Switched ANIs
  1. From the main menu, select Orders > 1+Switched & Toll Free.
  1. From the black menu bar, select 1+ Switched > New Order.
  1. From the Svc Loc/Bill Acct list, select a location and account number combination.

  2. From the Product list, select a product. (If you only have one product for the location and account number combination you selected, MyLevel3 automatically selects that product.)
  1. Click the Download icon (below the search box).

  2. When the template downloads, double-click the file to open it.
  1. Click Enable Editing.
  1. Click Enable Content.
  1. Fill in the details for the ANIs using one row for each ANI:

    1. In the WTN column, type the working telephone number.

    2. In the BTN column, type the billing telephone number.

    3. In the PIC column, select the interexchange carrier you want calls to be routed to.

    4. In the Jurisdiction column, select whether you want both Inter- and IntraLATA calls routed or only InterLATA calls.

    5. In the Force ANI column, select whether you want the ANI provisioned on the network (DMS) no matter what PIC you selected.

    6. In the CIC column, type the carrier identification code.

    7. In the Features column, select a feature to add to the ANI. Depending on the feature you select, you may also need to fill in the Code Digits, Code Table , and IS MANDATORY columns.

  2. When you're done, save the spreadsheet.

  3. In MyLevel3, click the Plus button () to the left of the Download button.

  4. Navigate to the file you saved. When you find it, click the file, then click Open.

    MyLevel3 uploads the data from your spreadsheet.
  1. Click Submit.

    MyLevel3 submits your order.