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Quotes tab

Use the Quotes tab in MyLevel3 to build a single quote or multiple quotes at once (bulk quoting) to get pricing for legacy Level 3 products and services. You can also revise an existing quote request or refresh an expired one. Once you get pricing on your quote, you can turn it into an order.

In MyLevel3, hover over the Quotes tab, then select either Create Quotes to build a quote request, or View Quotes to review and edit existing quote requests, refresh expired quotes, and turn quotes into orders.

Creating a quote

You can create and submit a quote for one address or request quotes for multiple addresses at one time. Hover over the Quotes tab and click on Create Quotes. MyLevel3 opens the Create Quotes page. Select information for your quote from the drop-down boxes; MyLevel3 will give you different prompts to provide information depending on the account(s) and service(s) you're building a quote request for.

Turning a quote into an order

Under the Quotes tab, click on View Quotes. MyLevel3 opens the View Quotes page, showing you all the quotes created under your user ID in the last 30 days.

You can scan the column headers for information about your quote requests: Quote Id, Quote Name, Product, Term, MRC (monthly recurring charge), NRC (non-recurring charge), A Location (End User), Issue Date, Expiration Date, and Status. (The Issued Date and Expiration Date are calculated based on Mountain Time.)  And, you can open the Create Quotes page from here by clicking the Create Quote button at the top of the View Quotes page.
You can sort and search for quotes in a few ways:
  • sort quotes by customer number and product (use the Customer Number and Product lists)
  • expand your view to all quotes created under any user ID with access to your accounts (check All Account Quotes)
  • set a custom date range for your search (click Last 30 Days)
  • edit the custom date range or reset to the last 30 days default (in the Custom Date Range)
  • see the total number of quotes for a date range (underneath the Last 30 Days link)
  • find a specific quote (use the Search box)
Products available for quoting in MyLevel3
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