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Reports tab

Use the Reports tab in MyLevel3 to create custom or general summary and in-depth reports for your legacy Level 3 products and services.

You can choose from a range of reporting options to help you manage the performance of your services more easily and effectively. Report options include network performance, usage, application performance management, and custom reports.

In MyLevel3, hover over the Reports tab, then choose the reporting option you want to use from the list.

Know your numbers, know your business

Depending on your permissions and which legacy Level 3 products and services are on your account, these reporting tools are available in MyLevel3 under the Reports tab:
  • MyServices—manage your Enhanced Management and/or Dynamic Capacity services with detailed data analytics and tools
  • Voice Complete Reports—get a full view of Voice Complete usage, with Trunk Group Utilization, Busy Hour, Number Inventory, Call Detail Records, and Call Success Rate reports
  • Voice Reports—generate usage, inventory, coverage, and other reports for legacy Level 3 voice products
    • VoIP Enhanced Local Service (ELS)
    • Local Inbound (LI)
    • Voice Termination
    • Toll Free
  • uCommand CDRs—download call detail records,  E-Traffic, Executive Summary, and other voice related reports that were previously accessed in the uCommand portal
  • Application Performance Management (APM)—self-manage and edit your APM probe configurable settings by site
  • Performance Assurance (PA)—get optional enhanced reporting and end-to-end SLA guarantees for legacy Level 3 Virtual Private LAN Service
  • Security Solutions Analytics—get valuable insight into your legacy Level 3 security features, with reports for DDoS Mitigation, Adaptive Threat Intelligence (ATI), Adaptive Network Security, Security, and more
  • Colocation Metered Power Reports—determine trends in monthly Kilowatt per Hour (KWH) usage and associated charges for colocation services
  • Network SLA—see how the CenturyLink network is performing against our service level agreements
  • Network Performance—get network performance and usage data on your legacy Level 3 Internet and VPN services, including Managed Network Services, current service status, ticketing, and alert data
  • Account Documents—share documents and files between users in your organization and with your CenturyLink account team
Under each report type MyLevel3 gives you  a set of reports configured to your products and services, and your permissions.

In MyLevel3, hover over the Reports tab and click on the Voice menu item. Select a report type, then a product; MyLevel3 shows you the associated reports that are available to you. 
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